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[REPOST]: Mentoring New Teachers Podcast–Episode 2

[REPOSTED from] We continue our podcast series with Stenhouse author Shawna Coppola and kindergarten teacher Laura, who is in her first year of teaching. In this episode, they tackle behavior charts and social-emotional learning. Mentoring New Teachers Podcast – Episode II: Social-Emotional Learning By Shawna Coppola In the first episode of our podcast focusing on mentoring new… Continue reading [REPOST]: Mentoring New Teachers Podcast–Episode 2

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[REPOST]: Mentoring New Teachers Podcast-Episode 1

[REPOSTED from] Mentoring New Teachers Podcast-Episode 1 By Shawna Coppola When Stenhouse asked me if I wanted to mentor a new teacher through her first year and record the experience for posterity, I barely took a breath before saying yes. As someone who has taught for nearly two decades, I still feel the desire to… Continue reading [REPOST]: Mentoring New Teachers Podcast-Episode 1

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The Problem with Dyslexia (It’s Bigger Than You Think)

I'll never forget the day I was told never to speak the word dyslexia by a colleague with whom I was about to endure a particularly difficult parent meeting. Our student*, a sixth grader, was experiencing an enormous amount of difficulty reading and writing the sorts of things the majority of his classmates were breezing… Continue reading The Problem with Dyslexia (It’s Bigger Than You Think)

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The Question of the Day: Not Just for Primary Classrooms

In many primary classrooms I've visited, the Question of the Day (QoD) is as much a part of the daily routine as is morning meeting, read aloud, and unabashed nose-picking. (I kid. Not really.) On websites such as Pinterest and Teachers Pay Teachers, the QoD is as benign and as devoid of substance as a… Continue reading The Question of the Day: Not Just for Primary Classrooms


RENEW! #ISTELitChat with Shawna Coppola January 29, 2018 9pm EST

Looking forward to this Twitter chat on Monday, 1/29 at 9 PM ET! Hope you’ll join me.



Shawna Coppola is a K-6 literacy specialist and the author of Renew! Become a Better–and More Authentic–Writing Teacher from Stenhouse Publishers (2017). When she is not teaching, presenting, or consulting with colleagues, she writes comics and posts for her blog, My So-Called Literacy Life. You can connect with her on Twitter (@shawnacoppola) or Voxer (ShawnaCoppola) to talk books, education, or The Bachelor.

Anticipated questions:
  • In RENEW!, I ask readers to rethink & revise five common practices in the teaching of writing: 1) how we teach writing process, 2) what it means to “write,” 3) the tools we use to teach student writers, 4) how we assess and evaluate writing, and 5) our role as teachers of writers. Which of these do you think most needs to be renewed, and why?
  • Tonight, let’s rethink the holistic scoring of writing. What “story” does this practice tell our student writers about writing–and/or about themselves as writers?
  • Our most pervasive practices almost always have merit. In the case of this particular practice–the holistic scoring of writing–What merit does it have?  How does it fit in with what we know about children and/or learning?
  • Let’s look to revise & renew this practice. How can we tell a more engaging or authentic story about writing–and about our…

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