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Teacher Appreciation Week Giveaway!

Hello, friends! We've all seen the posts and the memes: "Teachers Are Rock Stars!" "I'm a Teacher; What's Your Superpower?" But do any of us ever really feel like "rock stars" or superheroes? I know I don't. Like, ever. That's why I want to do a giveaway for Teacher Appreciation Week that just celebrates teachers for… Continue reading Teacher Appreciation Week Giveaway!

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These Lessons Are Good. But They’re Not Enough.

Over the past several weeks, my colleague and I have engaged our fifth and sixth grade students in an inquiry about "single stories" and stereotypes with a particular focus on race, gender, and ability. This isn't our first time facilitating such an inquiry; earlier in the year, she and I engaged a different group of… Continue reading These Lessons Are Good. But They’re Not Enough.

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[REPOST]: Mentoring New Teachers Podcast–Episode 2

[REPOSTED from] We continue our podcast series with Stenhouse author Shawna Coppola and kindergarten teacher Laura, who is in her first year of teaching. In this episode, they tackle behavior charts and social-emotional learning. Mentoring New Teachers Podcast – Episode II: Social-Emotional Learning By Shawna Coppola In the first episode of our podcast focusing on mentoring new… Continue reading [REPOST]: Mentoring New Teachers Podcast–Episode 2

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The Question of the Day: Not Just for Primary Classrooms

In many primary classrooms I've visited, the Question of the Day (QoD) is as much a part of the daily routine as is morning meeting, read aloud, and unabashed nose-picking. (I kid. Not really.) On websites such as Pinterest and Teachers Pay Teachers, the QoD is as benign and as devoid of substance as a… Continue reading The Question of the Day: Not Just for Primary Classrooms

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A Collection of My Latest Comics for Your Reading Pleasure, Vol. 1

I wanted to publish a blog post before the new year so that y'all could see how COOL it is when WordPress makes everyone's blog "snow" when you visit it. (*insert heart eyes emoji*) ALSO, I've published several comics lately independent of this blog, and wanted you to be able to find them all in… Continue reading A Collection of My Latest Comics for Your Reading Pleasure, Vol. 1

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Your New Favorite Form of Writing, Revealed

If you, like me, have ever clicked on a social media post with a headline that reads, "5 Reasons Your Eyes Are Puffy," "10 Ways to Look Less Like a Frumpy Mom" or "50 Times Judge Judy Proved She's Our Bae," you've engaged with a form of writing that can be found virtually everywhere these… Continue reading Your New Favorite Form of Writing, Revealed

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For Your Consideration: 5 Educational “What Ifs”

It's no secret that Erika Christakis' book The Importance of Being Little: What Preschoolers Really Need from Grownups is currently blowing my mind. I've texted the cover of the book to approximately three dozen friends and family members, I've posted about its "must-read"-ness on both Facebook and Twitter, and I've attempted to record all of my favorite lines… Continue reading For Your Consideration: 5 Educational “What Ifs”

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Hey Teach #3 (Comic)

Hello educator friends, Over the past several years--hell, for almost two decades now--I've been thinking a lot about how to express my discomfort with the dichotomous nature of a lot that we see, hear, and talk about in education. For example, I've written about growth mindset before here, and about the messages about learning we… Continue reading Hey Teach #3 (Comic)


A Call to Educational Filmmakers

Several weeks ago, I had the opportunity to screen one of a number of documentaries about U.S. education that have been produced within the last ten to fifteen years. This one, like those that have come both before and after it [see: Race to Nowhere (2010), Beyond Measure (2015), Waiting for Superman (2010), etc.], railed… Continue reading A Call to Educational Filmmakers