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My Latest #TheEdCollab Blog Post

Hello colleagues--happy summer! Just recently I had the pleasure of collaborating with Dr. Carla España on a blog post for The Educator Collaborative's Community Blog. It is a response to a gorgeous new book for all ages by Minh Lê and Dan Santat called Drawn Together (2018) that I highly recommend you ask your school librarian to… Continue reading My Latest #TheEdCollab Blog Post

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Teacher Appreciation Week Giveaway!

Hello, friends! We've all seen the posts and the memes: "Teachers Are Rock Stars!" "I'm a Teacher; What's Your Superpower?" But do any of us ever really feel like "rock stars" or superheroes? I know I don't. Like, ever. That's why I want to do a giveaway for Teacher Appreciation Week that just celebrates teachers for… Continue reading Teacher Appreciation Week Giveaway!

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“But they only read graphic novels!”

I often get questions about how to "deal" with students who prefer, almost exclusively, to read comics and graphic novels as opposed to other kinds of texts. Underlying these questions (and the language embedded in the concept of "dealing with" any student) is often an assumption--fair or not--that the ultimate end goal is for students to… Continue reading “But they only read graphic novels!”

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Free Book Preview!

Sorry to send out two posts in one week--but I'm just too darn excited. My debut book from Stenhouse Publishers, Renew! Become a Better--and More Authentic--Writing Teacher is available for pre-sale now, and as an added bonus, my generous friends at Stenhouse have offered anyone who visits their site a free preview of my entire book. I KNOW,… Continue reading Free Book Preview!

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Best Books of 2016, All in One Place

Man. 2016, right? *sighs* For some of us, nestling our noses in a good book was the best way to escape the ghastly, noxious brute that was this past year, personified. But curating a cathartic To Be Read (TBR) stack is not always natural or easy, as I wrote about in August. Even those of us who managed to… Continue reading Best Books of 2016, All in One Place

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Curating Your TBR Stack: A Primer

Those of you who write for educators can probably relate to the fear that what you have to say hasn't already been said a thousand times over; that your thinking is trite; that in your quest to support and inspire your colleagues, you're actually being patronizing by telling them things that they already know. While this may… Continue reading Curating Your TBR Stack: A Primer