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New Comic: Valentines for Teachers

Happy Valentines Day, loyal readers! As a gift to you and a thank you for following my blog, I made a special digital comic that I hope many of you will relate to and get a little giggle from.

(If you’re anything like me, V-Day is “just another day” of us slugging toward our ultimate demise as humans. AMIRIGHT?!?*) Still, it’s fun to write about it.

xxoo, Shawna

*I’m kidding! (Sort of.)


1 thought on “New Comic: Valentines for Teachers”

  1. Thanks! Saw this on your Twitter feed and shared w/colleagues at lunch! My favorite is “I promise not to pick anyone but you!” Thanks for the laughs! Yes, another day, our 101st to be exact! Happy 💜 day!


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