A Well-Balanced Diet

New post on the Colorado Council of the International Reading Association (CCIRA)’s blog. Looking forward to speaking at their annual conference in February!

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By Shawna Coppola, 2019 CCIRA Featured Speaker

I am often asked by colleagues how to help their students break out of comfortable habits as readers and writers in order to facilitate new discoveries, provide greater challenge, and broaden their horizons. As someone who enjoys the security and steadfastness of reading the same kinds of texts (memoir, true crime, YA) and writing within a limited pool of forms and genres (memoir, essays, comics), I understand both students’ desire to stick with what’s “working” for them as well as teachers’ desire–and often, the outside pressure–to nudge students toward a more “well-rounded” reading and writing identity.

It is important to tread lightly when doing this work. Many of the literacy giants whose shoulders we continue to stand on have made a rock-hard case for providing students with lots of choice around their reading and writing (Guthrie & Humenick, 2014, Kittle, 2013; Krashen, 2011…

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My Latest #TheEdCollab Blog Post

Hello colleagues--happy summer! Just recently I had the pleasure of collaborating with Dr. Carla España on a blog post for The Educator Collaborative's Community Blog. It is a response to a gorgeous new book for all ages by Minh Lê and Dan Santat called Drawn Together (2018) that I highly recommend you ask your school librarian to… Continue reading My Latest #TheEdCollab Blog Post

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What I’m Consuming: Week of 5/21/18

  *runs in panting* YES! I made it. I promised to write these "What I'm Consuming" posts twice a month, and here I am! Just in the nick of time. I'm so proud of me. Let's get right to it, shall we? Here is what I'm consuming right now (week of 5/21/18): READING: The New… Continue reading What I’m Consuming: Week of 5/21/18

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What I’m Consuming: Week of 5/7/18

Personally, I like to know what my faves are reading, viewing, and/or listening to every so often. It keeps me on my toes and introduces me to creatives, thinkers, and other interesting humans I may not know about. In that spirit, I'm committing to posting at least 2x/month here on my blog what I'm currently… Continue reading What I’m Consuming: Week of 5/7/18

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Teacher Appreciation Week Giveaway!

Hello, friends! We've all seen the posts and the memes: "Teachers Are Rock Stars!" "I'm a Teacher; What's Your Superpower?" But do any of us ever really feel like "rock stars" or superheroes? I know I don't. Like, ever. That's why I want to do a giveaway for Teacher Appreciation Week that just celebrates teachers for… Continue reading Teacher Appreciation Week Giveaway!