A Shiny *New* Website!

Hello friends and colleagues!

You may have noticed that my blog has developed…er…cobwebs over the past several months. That’s because I’ve been working on a shiny new website that you can check out by visiting! Little by little I will be moving the blog posts that have garnered the most engagement on here to my website and will post all new thinking & musings about literacy and education there.

This wordpress site will continue to be available for the next several months, and then will likely be dismantled. (I hate digital clutter.) Although I do not have a subscribe option on my new website/blog at this time, I will be announcing all new blog posts on my social media feeds–so if you do subscribe to this blog and want to continue to follow my work, please feel free to follow me on Facebook or Twitter to ensure you never miss a post.

Thanks to all who have supported and encouraged my work on here. I am truly grateful. Let’s reconnect on social media!



P.S. Oh! AND–I am so happy to announce that my next book from Stenhouse is close to being finished! Please look out for it to drop sometime in the fall of this year. I can’t wait to hear what you think.

2 thoughts on “A Shiny *New* Website!”

  1. Congratulations on developing your own website! Looking forward to reading your latest work! This is news to me, so please tell us more about the topic(s) you are exploring with Stenhouse! Wishing you the very best!


    1. Thank you! So my next book is tentatively titled Writing, Redefined. In it, I am advocating for a broadening or a “redefinition” of writing to include different modes of composition–aural, visual, multimodal–that aren’t typically valued or privileged in most schools and classrooms. I have a piece in Voices From the Middle that echoes it that is due out in May. 🙂

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