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“Getting It Write” on the Dr. Will Show

This week, I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Dr. Will Deyamport for his podcast/vlog, “The Dr. Will Show,” which focuses on issues around learning and education and has featured such incredible educators as Rafranz Davis, Christina Torres, Pernille Ripp, and Sarah Thomas, among many others. In this episode, Dr. Will asks me about the inspiration for my book Renew! Become a Better–and More Authentic–Writing Teacher (2017) and how I envision the future of writing instruction in schools. I had a wonderful time laughing and talking with Dr. Will and hope you have a chance to watch/listen.

To watch the interview on YouTube, click on the image/link below:

To listen without the distraction of my grinning mug, check out the episode on SoundCloud or iTunes.

Enjoy–and if you do enjoy, please share and/or subscribe to Dr. Will’s podcast!


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