Contact Shawna

If you would like to contact me about speaking engagements or are inquiring about having me work with your students or colleagues, please fill out the form below. I have presented and/or offered workshops that focus on the topics listed below, but am happy to develop something fresh and fabulous to accommodate the needs of those who wish to work with me. Thank you!



Topics I have most frequently spoken or written about or have presented on:

  • renewing writing instruction to make it more authentic, engaging, & student-centered
  • developing meaningful curriculum using student wonders & noticings
  • teaching literacy using an inquiry lens
  • teaching social studies using an inquiry lens
  • using multimodal forms of writing (comics, infographics, etc.) to engage student writers
  • using mentors to teach student writers
  • talking about race with elementary students
  • using sketchnotes/visual notetaking to deepen student engagement and comprehension
  • nurturing the writing lives of classroom teachers & other educators


What colleagues/participants have had to say about my work:

“You made me think, made me laugh, made me feel a bit more confident in what I was doing…I am in such a better place now, and I credit your class with that…of all the classes I’ve taken, yours has had the most dramatic impact on a child.”

“Thank you so much for everything. I cannot begin to tell you how much I have gained from your course and how much I enjoyed myself.”

“Shawna has such a relaxed way about her that it’s not intimidating to speak [during the workshop].  She is always so well prepared!!”