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Hey Teach #3 (Comic)

Hello educator friends, Over the past several years--hell, for almost two decades now--I've been thinking a lot about how to express my discomfort with the dichotomous nature of a lot that we see, hear, and talk about in education. For example, I've written about growth mindset before here, and about the messages about learning we… Continue reading Hey Teach #3 (Comic)

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Some Thoughts on Alfie & the #GrowthMindset

I can remember the very first time I experienced the brilliance that is Alfie Kohn. I was in Rhode Island with one of my most beloved educational mentors, Gert Nesin, at the annual NELMS convention-- not yet finished with my certification program and increasingly eager to "unschool" myself from the teacher education I experienced as an undergrad. I… Continue reading Some Thoughts on Alfie & the #GrowthMindset