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What I’m Consuming: Week of 5/7/18


Personally, I like to know what my faves are reading, viewing, and/or listening to every so often. It keeps me on my toes and introduces me to creatives, thinkers, and other interesting humans I may not know about.

In that spirit, I’m committing to posting at least 2x/month here on my blog what I’m currently reading, viewing, and/or listening to. Maybe it’ll keep you on your toes, and maybe it’ll just vaporize into the online abyss. Either way, it helps me procrastinate when I’m supposed to be doing other things.

What I’m Consuming Now (week of 5/7/18):



  • Childish Gambino’s new video “This Is America.” If you haven’t yet watched this, you should. It’s visually stunning and full of things to unpack. In addition, it’s sparking an important intellectual debate about its actual merit. I’ve watched it approximately 3,549 times. (WARNING: contains sensitive material.)
  • Live footage of Hawai’i’s Kilauea volcano, which began it’s latest eruption on 5/3/18. It’s terrifying and amazing to watch. Sending love to all those who have been (and who continue to be) impacted by this natural disaster and its aftereffects!


  • Inara George. Have you heard this woman? I had (she sang a song in the movie Bridesmaids–who knew?), but hadn’t realized it before this week, when I heard a story about her on NPR about her new album, Dearest Everybody. Her voice and her lyrics are gorgeous, and she’s about my age, so I don’t feel like a total poser listening to her.
  • Decoder Ring by Slate podcast, a brand new podcast about pop culture and so-called “cultural mysteries.” Its first episode was about the Laff Box, more popularly known as the laugh track, which was an integral part of such television programs as “The Brady Bunch,” “Friends,” and many, many more. It’s short-ish and fascinating and great for listening to while on quick hikes in the woods.

What are you reading, viewing, and listening to? Help me procrastinate further by listing your current faves in the comments. Thanks!

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