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What I’m Consuming: Week of 5/7/18

Personally, I like to know what my faves are reading, viewing, and/or listening to every so often. It keeps me on my toes and introduces me to creatives, thinkers, and other interesting humans I may not know about. In that spirit, I'm committing to posting at least 2x/month here on my blog what I'm currently… Continue reading What I’m Consuming: Week of 5/7/18

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Comic: “Choose Kind?”

Many of you know I've dabbled in writing comics here and there. I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing, but it's fun. Plus, sometimes what I want to say just feels right when it's written in a comic format. (I'm even starting to think in comic format. No joke.) This one's my way of releasing the frustration… Continue reading Comic: “Choose Kind?”