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Comic: “What’s For Dinner?”

Hi friends–happy Spring**!

If you follow my (somewhat inane) Twitter feed, you might be aware that I am currently knee-deep in a comic/graphic novel inquiry with a group of second and third graders. Most of these students had never tried writing a comic before this particular exploration, and yet they continue to blow me away daily with their incredible craft and willingness to take healthy risks as writers and illustrators!

I’m one of those whack-a-doo teachers that insists on engaging in inquiry alongside my students every time–because no matter what I think I know about something, I never fail to learn more (or more deeply). This is especially the case when engaging in any kind of writing inquiry–because let’s face it: everyone can improve as a writer, no matter who you are.

I’ve dabbled in comics before (like here and here), but this is the first comic I’ve posted on this blog that doesn’t have anything to do with teaching–or with school. If you’re a parent, you will probably relate to this comic…if not now, then most likely someday. And if you’re a child, you can probably relate to it if you commit to a little self-reflection. 😉

I can’t wait to share with students the deliberate craft decisions I made, how my comic changed from draft to draft, and where/when I felt most challenged as a writer/illustrator. (Hello, hands! UGH!!!)


Ignore the hands, you guys!


**In New England, that translates to “happy mud/snow/allergy season!”

P.S. I swear, my publishers will cry themselves to sleep if I don’t remind you: I have a book coming out soon! It’s called Renew! Be a Better–and More Authentic–Writing Teacher, and it should be available to order from Stenhouse in late May/early June!

P.P.S. I swear, my supervisors at UNH will cry themselves to sleep if I don’t remind you: I am teaching a week-long course at the NH Literacy Institutes this summer! Check out the course description here and register here!

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