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Comic: “Choose Kind?”

Many of you know I’ve dabbled in writing comics here and there. I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing, but it’s fun. Plus, sometimes what I want to say just feels right when it’s written in a comic format. (I’m even starting to think in comic format. No joke.)

This one’s my way of releasing the frustration I feel about politics and our most recent current events. I hate being pigeon-holed as this or that when it comes to politics. To me, some issues aren’t about being a Democrat or a Republican, or about being liberal or conservative. They’re about being an upstanding person. About being human.

As an educator, I believe it’s our job to teach our students to treat other humans humanely. But if we insist on doing so, then we have to model it ourselves–not just in school, but in life.

I’m far from perfect–and I’m not always kind–but I’m learning. I’m trying. And frankly, I see this charge–teaching our students to treat others humanely–as being more important than teaching anything else.

If some see that as being political, fine. If some think I’m being trite, fine. Whatever. So be it.

Anyway, here’s the comic. Hope you enjoy it.


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