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How Teachers REALLY Prepare for Back-To-School

Back in July, at the International Literacy Association’s Annual Conference in Orlando, I was asked by my friends at Stenhouse Publishers how, as an educator, I prepared myself to go back to school each year. I was being filmed for promotional purposes that particular afternoon, and, not having had much time to prepare my answer or even down a quick glass of wine (*coughZSOFIcough*), I mumbled something boring and stupid and completely unoriginal.

As I walked back to my hotel room, I giggled to myself as I thought about how I would have answered the question had I been 100% honest. Yeah, yeah–in preparation for the new school year, we educators read an abundance of professional texts and organize our classroom libraries and lovingly wipe away the grime left after weeks of our classroom spaces collecting dust as we envision the adorable cherubs who’ll soon inhabit said spaces…but am I the only one who prepares to go back to school each year by doing these things, too?

If so…forget you ever read this. *blushes*



2 thoughts on “How Teachers REALLY Prepare for Back-To-School”

  1. Shawna – I love your honesty and sarcasm! One moment, it’s full steam ahead – the next it’s the reality that the lazy summer days are coming to a close. I enjoyed your book immensely – your style is authentic just like your title suggests! Thanks to the workshop and words of the wiser from so many “greats,” I have started my own blog to live the writerly life. (full steam ahead mindset!) One full week with daily entries is in the books – life changing! Check it out if you get a chance – Enjoy the remaining summer days with your family!


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