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Digital Poem: Georgia Heard’s “Straight Line”

Hi everyone,

I was asked to digitize a poem as part of a UNH course I am taking this semester on integrating technology and “new” media into the language arts classroom. I chose to digitize Georgia Heard’s poem “Straight Line,” as it is one that is near and dear to my heart. I would definitely like to blog about this incredible process–but in the meantime, I wanted to share my digital version of Georgia’s poem with you. I hope you enjoy it–any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated. Thanks!

8 thoughts on “Digital Poem: Georgia Heard’s “Straight Line””

  1. I will look forward to the “behind the scenes” post of the decisions you made to create this fantastic digital story, Shawna. It’s powerful, as it bends your voice to the poem to the images, and I liked how you changed the pace of the images at times — the speed-up in sync with the rhythm of the words was effective. Georgia sure writes a poem, right?
    Thanks for sharing


  2. Loved this! I too would like to hear the behind the scenes. I’m taking a similar course this summer at USM. Wonderful job. And I can see why this poem speaks to you. Yes, she writes a good poem. Thank you for sharing.


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