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Are You Teacher Material?

A couple of weeks ago, some colleagues expressed how conflicted they were upon hearing that their son/daughter was considering becoming a teacher. “I’m not sure I’d tell him to go for it,” one colleague admitted, bemoaning how much the profession has changed since she’d begun teaching. (This was followed by much nodding of heads from the others who were present.) My initial reaction was one of sadness; while I didn’t know this teacher’s son well, I knew enough about him to know that he is exactly what this profession needs–more intelligent, passionate people who have a talent for connecting with kids.

After processing the conversation further, I decided to indulge in my current obsession with infographics by creating one of my own that–perhaps–might be of use to those contemplating the same sort of question as the one my colleague’s son was pondering: Should I become a teacher?


2 thoughts on “Are You Teacher Material?”

  1. Does the yes after “do you consider yourself a life long learner” mean yes to “you should become a teacher”??? (Don’t worry, you lost me at “do you like working with children”).


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